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November & December 2019


Peter Tea Fundamentals – Registration opens 11/15/19 – 10am The Fundamentals series is a continuous learning program designed to teach you foundational bonsai skills; which you will build and expand upon, through guided practice, in a learning environment. Unlike styling workshops, this first of its kind experience offers MBS members the exclusive…Read More…

Soil has arrived (11/13/19) !


Finally all the soils have arrived and are ready for pick up. Please contact Dale or Sue Krueger (leave a message) to arrange a time. We would like to have them all gone before the snow flies. Oops too late!

Dale- 651-324-4638

There is still some akadama and lava available for purchase online. Please contact Dale and Sue after placing order.
– akadama (14L bag) – $27.00 (limited qty available)
– lava (40# bag) – $15.00 (limited qty available)

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MBS 50th Anniversary
Hello members! 2019 is winding down fast. 2021 will be here faster than we know it. In 2021, we’ll be celebrating 50 years of MBS events, bonsai learning, and educating. If you are interested in helping MBS plan events for our 50th anniversary year, please contact me at mbsorg.president@gmail.com. A small group of MBS members will start getting together very soon to make suggestions and eventually plan events to help us celebrate this great milestone. I hope to see you get involved.

MBS Needs You
Hello MBS members!  I hope Fall is treating you well. That also means the end of the year is approaching fast. That also means that we are getting that much closer to our big 50th anniversary as a society. That’s a long time and I’m proud to say I’ve been a part of it for the past three years. I hope MBS has been a good experience for you. I am writing today to ask for a few things. I know it seems we are always asking for help, but MBS runs on volunteers. We simply can’t do what we do without help.

MBS board positions will open for 2020 and we’ll be seeking new members to step up into those rolls. For sure we’ll be looking at someone to take over as 1st Vice-President who works on programs for the year (plans the general meetings). We are also on the lookout for an events chairperson, someone to take over both Mother’s Day and the MN State Fair exhibits. The MBS Library also needs a chairperson. There will be people staying on as advisors on each of these areas’ committees. Please reach out to any board member or directly to me if you are interested in any of the positions. If you have a strong desire to be president, I am okay with stepping down, but intend to stay on for one more year if there is no interest.

Perhaps one of the most important new position I am seeking help with is a chairperson to lead a 50th anniversary committee to help plan what we might do to celebrate this milestone. Should we have some kind of convention, an exhibit, or simply have more celebrations throughout the year? I need your help in starting to think about and then plan these small or very large ideas. I hope to come to many of you face to face and ask if you would be interested in this endeavor. Yes, no, or I’ll think about will work with me. I don’t want to twist your arm into anything you don’t want to do. Feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Thanks to everyone who volunteers throughout the year again and again. I hope we can continue to see new members step up and help us out.  See you at the next event.

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David Weiss, MBS President  (mbsorg.president@gmail.com)


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General Meetings

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month (there is no meeting in January) at the Gloria DEI Church in St. Paul. This location has also been confirmed for 2020 and will hold the MBS library.

Our meetings are open to members, their guests, and all visitors. The doors open at 6:30. Meetings start at 7:00 and generally last about 2 hours. See the main menu page for a description of upcoming meeting topics.

Gloria DEI (Click for directions >>)
When: Tuesday, November 5th @ 7pm
Room: Fellowship Hall
700 Snelling Avenue South
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55116

Cost: Free for Members! (No signup needed)
Skill Level: Beginner, All Levels

Bonsai Basics Class: These classes are a perfect way for new members with less experience to learn the basics of bonsai and work on their trees. Each class covers different topics from potting and wiring to wintering your trees. Come and join the fun and learn bonsai. Attendance is voluntary and free for members; pick and choose the classes of interest to you, no sign-up required. Please contact Van Jensen with any questions. (Click to Read More…) 

Cost: Free for Members! (No signup needed)
Topic: Tool Maintenance & Records
Skill Level: Beginner, All Levels
When: Tuesday, Nov 19 – 7pm
Location: St. Christopher’s Church in Roseville. (Directions)

NEW Bonsai Concepts Class: This class for all skill levels will be held on Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the year and will dive deeper into specific topics to further develop your skills as a bonsai artist. You will benefit from the ability to study a topic in-depth and have a chance to work on your trees in a group setting. Please contact Van Jensen (Thursday Classes) or Dale Krueger (Saturday Classes) with any questions. (Click to Read More)

Cost: Free for Members! (No signup needed)
Topic: Final fall work and Spring Prep
Skill Level: Beginner, All Levels
When: No Concepts class for November or December
Location: Washington County State Fair Grounds (Directions…)


November 05 – Tuesday, 7:00 PM –General Meeting Gloria DEI location
November 19 – Tuesday, 7:00 PM – Bonsai Basics Class* (Tool Maintenance & Records)
November 26 – Tuesday, 7:00 PM – Board Meeting (Shoreview Public Library in the Community Program Room)

December 03– Tuesday, 7:00 PM –General Meeting Gloria DEI location Holiday Party & Board Election
December 17 – Tuesday, 7:00 PM – Board Meeting (Shoreview Small Conference Room)
Note: There is no Bonsai Basics Concepts Class for either December or January

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Looking for help with watering during a vacation? Looking for bonsai trees, stands, pots, stones or other bonsai-related items? Have a service to advertise or want to form a study group? Post a classified Ad.
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Minnesota Bonsai Society is a volunteer organization, and member participation is what has made us one of the biggest and best clubs in the country. View sign-up sheets >>


Materials are available to check-out during the monthly general meetings. Be sure to check them out and take advantage of this membership benefit. View Online Library Here >>


MBS orders pallets of soil for members to keep costs down. Pumice still available (Akadama and lava is currently pre-order only) Pickup only. Order Now >>