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November & December 2020


November 7 – Saturday 12-4pm – Bonsai Concepts @ In person class (Free for members)
November 10- Tuesday, 7:00 PM – Zoom Meeting with Rodney Clemons (Free for Members
November 17 – Tuesday, 7:00 PM – Bonsai Basics Class* – Cancelled
November 24 – Tuesday, 7:00 PM – Board Meeting

December 1 – Tuesday, 7:00 PM –General Meeting
December 22 – Tuesday, 7:00 PM – Board Meeting

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From Your President

Happy Fall everyone! As in the Spring season, this can be a very hectic time of year. I just had he is! If you can take a class or even observe when he or any of the professionals come to town, I’d highly recommend it.

When Peter was working on a tree and explaining what you do and why with five different trees and MBS members, there was so much knowledge flowing. That has been the hardest part of 2020. We’ve not been able to get together in person to talk bonsai with each other. With thanks to Carol Novak, our director of programs, we’ve had some great Zoom meetings to keep the learning going. I learned that I can do some work on my junipers this time of year, so I’ve been busy with some pruning and wiring of my trees.


2021 MBS Board of Directors and Chair People

President/50th Chair: Cheryl Sekora
1st Vice President/Programs: Carol Novak
2nd Vice President/Workshops: David Weiss
Treasurer: Eric Lampland
Secretary: Stan Tenenbaum
Director/Fundamentals: Dale Krueger
Director/Library: Michael Knoll
Director: Michael Bahr
Director/Outreach Chair: Nicholas Ehlers

2021 Chair People

State Fair Chair: Jumi Kassim
Website/Membership Chair: Celina Blandford
Concepts Chair: Dale Krueger
Mother’s Day /Como Chair: ???
Bonsai Basics Chair: ???
Legacy Chair: ???
Events Chair: ???

If you are interested in any of the open positions, please contact David Weiss at mbsorg.president@gmail.com

November Zoom Meeting with Rodney Clemons

MBS is excited to have Rodney Clemons speak to us about tropical bonsai; a subject not covered in recent years. He has been a frequent visitor to the Twin Cities for MBS workshops, and is a recurring teacher at the Brussel’s Bonsai Rendezvous.

He studied with E. Felton Jones and enjoyed workshops with many visiting artists like John Naka and Yugi Yoshimura. His style has been formed by studying nature, drawing heavily on childhood memories of coastal Florida. Rodney excels in capturing the tension in nature and translating it to bonsai. He is best known for his unique rock plantings and his love of Kingsville boxwood.



For those of you who are on Facebook*, we have started a new group in order to share ideas, pictures and ask and answer questions. Just click this link Minnesota Bonsai Society Community Group and hit the “Join” button. As this group is just for MBS members, you will be asked if you are a member and will then be approved within a day.

*If you are not on Facebook for concerns about privacy, you have the option to create a new email address just for this purpose, and then make a profile using a nickname. Your profile picture can be a tree, your dog, or whatever you choose. You will be required to give them your birthdate which you have in common with millions of people, but you may block all information about yourself.


MBS 50th Anniversary Updates

In 2021, we’ll be celebrating 50 years of MBS events, bonsai learning, and educating.

If you are interested in helping MBS plan events for our 50th anniversary year or volunteering at the event, please contact David Weiss at mbsorg.president@gmail.com. Planning is currently underway. If you would like to keep up to date on the progress, you can read the meeting minutes in the link below.



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