Bonsai Resources

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Tools, wire, soil, pots and supplies
American Bonsai –
Bonsai Learning Center –
Bonsai Mirai –
Bonsai Outlet –
Bonsai Tonight –
Eastern Leaf –
House of Bonsai –
Stone Lantern –
Sumo Bonsai Supply –

Where to purchase trees/bonsai
Minnesota Bonsai Society Auction (Held Twice a Year)
Berea Bonsai –
99 Cent Bonsai (Facebook)
Bonsai Auctions (Facebook)
Bonsai Outlet –
Brussel’s Bonsai –
Bonsai Northwest –
Driftwood – Bonsai –
Ebay –
Lone Pine Gardens –
New England Bonsai –
Suthin Sukosolvisit –

Purchase Collected (Yamadori) and field grown trees
Back Country Bonsai – (
Driftwood Bonsai (
Golden Arrow – Andy Smith (
Intermountain Bonsai – Sam Miller (
Randy Knight
Teleperion Farms (

The two most commonly used types are copper and aluminum. It is not the same wire you would find in a home store hardware department. Aluminum is sized using the metric system, starting with 1.0 (the smallest).The most common sizes for beginners are 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3. Copper is measured by gauge, the lower the number the thicker the wire. Copper wire must be annealed, and will “harden” once bent making it great to use for slow growing trees like conifers.

Copper Suppliers:
Adams Bonsai –
American Bonsai –
Bonsai Learning Center –
Jim Gremel – Deer Meadow Bonsai Phone: 707-874-1679
Mirai (Oregon) –
Dallas Bonsai

Aluminum Wire Caddy:
Bonsai Caddy –
Greenwood Bonsai –
SuperFly Bonsai –
Van Jensen  – MBS Member

Copper Wire Caddy:
Adams Bonsai –

Pot Identification
American Bonsai Ceramics –
Michael Ryan Bell –

Online Learning
Bonsai Empire –
Mirai Live (Oregon) –

Tom Benda (Czech) –
Chuck Iker –
Thor Holvila –
Ron Lang –
Andrew Pearson –
Sara Rayner (MN) –

American Bonsai –
Joshua Roth –
Kaneshin –
Yoshiaki tools
Masakuni –
Mu Tian – Available on Amazon and Ebay
Roshi –
Tiny Roots –

Bonsai Museums & Displays
Como (Saint Paul) –
Pacific Bonsai Museum (Seattle, WA) –
The National Bonsai & Penjing Museum (Washington, DC) –

Bonsai Nurseries
New England Bonsai –
Mirai (Oregon) –
Wigerts (Florida) –

Bonsai Professionals
Bjorn Bjorholm –
Rodney Clemens –
Jim Doyle
Mark Fields
Rob Kempinski
Colin Lewis
Boon Manakitivipart –
Ted Matson
Jerry Meislik
John Naka
Ryan Neil –
Matt Reel –
Dan Robinson –
John Romano
Michael Persiano
Robert Pressler
Tyler Sherrod Bonsai –
Suthin Sukosolvisit –
Peter Tea –
Erik Wigert
William Valavanis

Bonsai Auctions
Minnesota Bonsai Society (Held Twice a Year)
99 Cent Bonsai (Facebook)
Bonsai Auctions (Facebook)

Bjorn Bjorholm –
Bonsai Nut –
Michael Hagedorn –
Lake Shore Bonsai –

Japanese Gardens
Como (Saint Paul) –
Portland Japanese Garden –

Bonsai Clubs
Find a club near you – Interactive Map