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Building My Bonsai Cold Frame In Minnesota

By Celina Blandford

My first year starting bonsai, winter care seemed the most intimidating aspect of keeping trees in Minnesota. 

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Unless you only keep tropicals, outdoor winter protection for your trees is a necessary part of caring for bonsai in Minnesota. My first year of bonsai I stored my tree with Lionel Flood (he offers this great service, for the winter, but I knew I had to build a cold frame if I wanted to expand my collection. I toured a lot of members cold frames at the member tour and got a lot of great tips from experienced members. I hope this article helps and you find that winter care isn’t scary or intimidating at all.

Minnesota Wintering Tips and Tricks from MBS members

Let there be light! One word – give them lights. Don’t keep them in the dark. Keep azalea, boxwood, holly, and shimpaku junipers under lights. I think they do better with light as they are not kept cold enough to be completely dormant… I’d put all trees with foliage under lights if I could afford it.