Month: February 2018

Branching Out – March 2018

By David Weiss, President

Spring is in the air!  Well almost anyway.  It is in my plant room for sure where it’s always between 70 & 80 during the day and low 60’s at night. (more…)

Board Minutes – December 2017

MINUTES 2018 MBS Board Meeting Tuesday, 19-Dec-2017 7:30 p.m. Shoreview Public Library 4560 North Victoria Street | Shoreview, MN 2018 Board Member Attendees: Dave Weiss, President √ Sheryl Sykora, 1st Vice President Tim McCarthy, 2nd Vice President √ Eric Lampland, Treasurer √ Scott Vanderlinde, Secretary √ Celina Blandford, Director √ John Falenschek, Director √ Dale […]

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Re-Potting Tips

by Dave DeGroot

The best suggestion I can make regarding repotting is to consult a local instructor or successful club member for advice, (more…)