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Minnesota Bonsai in Superbowl Commercial

MBS was contacted by Sleep Number to see if we could supply bonsai for a Super Bowl commercial. Lionel Flood coordinated with the agency and attended the photoshoot, the trees supplied by Cheryl Sykora. View commercial Below. All proceeds for providing the trees was donated from Cheryl to MBS.

Board Minutes – December 2018

Tuesday, 18-December-2018 6:00 p.m. White Bear Lake Public Library 2018 Board Members √ Dave Weiss, President √ Cheryl Sykora, 1st Vice President √ Tim McCarthy, 2nd Vice President √ Eric Lampland, Treasurer √ Scott Vanderlinde, Secretary √ Celina Blandford, Director √ John Falenschek, Director √ Dale Krueger, Director √ Bill Maher, Director √ Colleen Paulus, […]
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Visit with Andy Smith – Golden Arrow Bonsai

by Dale Krueger

During our maiden collecting trip to the Black Hills area in South Dakota we made a point of contacting Andy Smith to see if we could meet up while we were there. When you see a collected tree for sale, one of the first names you think of is Andy Smith. Andy has a dream job; he scouts the Black Hills area locating timber for companies to log. What a great way to search for yamadori bonsai; while he’s working his day job he’s finding good areas to collect trees.  (more…)