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Nursery Tour with Lionel

This is a video tour of nurseries during Lionel Flood’s annual MBS Nursery Tour. Due to COVID-19, we couldn’t have large crowds, so we followed Lionel around with a camera to capture his great bonsai experience and anecdotes. In part one we visit Gerten’s and Highland nurseries. The views and opinions expressed in this…

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Meet MBS Member Ken Ellis

In this video, David Weiss interviews Ken Ellis about his Bonsai journey. The views and opinions expressed in this video (or article) are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy, views or position of the Minnesota Bonsai Society….

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Minnesota Bonsai in Superbowl Commercial

MBS was contacted by Sleep Number to see if we could supply bonsai for a Super Bowl commercial. Lionel Flood coordinated with the agency and attended the photoshoot, the trees supplied by Cheryl Sykora. View commercial Below. All proceeds for providing the trees was donated from Cheryl to MBS.

American Viewing Stone

By Bud Hostetler

Basalt Viewing Stone image by Bud Hostetler

Collected on the Caribou River in October of 2013. This stone measures 4″ by 4 1/2″ by 6″ high. It’s a very nice sheet-waterfall stone. The stone is greenish/black basalt with a wide quartz waterfall running down one side only. There is a small parking area on Hwy 61 at the Caribou River. There is a good hiking trail, approximately a half mile long that follows the river upstream that ties into the Superior Hiking Trail System. This particular stone was found on the downstream side, across the Hwy from the parking area.

The North Shore area is an easy drive from Minneapolis/St. Paul and is an excellent place to do some serious rock hunting. There is a small group within the Minnesota Bonsai Society that makes an annual fall pilgrimage to hunt for rocks and maybe take a side trip to collect a few Tamarack trees in the Ely area.