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Fundamentals with Julian Tsai

– 2024 REGISTRATION Closed – 

We are pleased to announce that Julian Tsai has agreed to teach our next Fundamentals group. Julian is a bonsai professional from Southern California. He spent two years apprenticing at Fujikawa Kouka-en, in Osaka, before Covid and other factors shortened his stay. He has spent considerable amount of time with Peter Tea, honing his techniques and developmental skills. He is passionate about creating and developing bonsai that will be generational. He currently has three groups he works with regularly as well as private clients. Learn more about Julian on his website:

Automatic RO System for Optimal Bonsai Watering

Enrique Alvarez

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As a dedicated bonsai enthusiast, ensuring the well-being of your bonsais is always your top priority, and water quality plays a crucial role in this endeavor. Unfortunately, in my specific location, the water quality leaves much to be desired, with TDS values reaching approximately 391 ppm and a high pH level of 9.14. The most concerning aspect is the elevated salt content, particularly sodium, which measures at 65 ppm. These factors have been impacting the health of my precious bonsai trees negatively.