2015 Artisan’s Cup in Portland Oregon

by Dale Krueger
Images courtesy of Tim Mathwig

At the March meeting, we presented a slide show and panel discussion of the 2015 Artisan’s Cup Bonsai Exhibit; conceived and produced by Ryan and Chelsea Neil of Bonsai Mirai, Portland, Oregon. With over 250 slides there was a lot to see and talk about. Pictures can’t really do the exhibit justice, as this display was the first of its kind. Designed to be a viewing and sensory experience of bonsai, the stands were uniquely designed to show each tree to it’s full advantage. Located at the Portland Art Museum, the trees were displayed as “works of art”. Set designer lighting enhanced the overall experience and was nothing less than stunning. The Cup has set a new and exciting challenge for American bonsai trees and exhibits. We were fortunate to have 17 MBS members attend the Artisan’s Cup and several were on hand to share some of their experiences. Ryan and Chelsea’s challenge is for us to do better. Enjoy!

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