Peter Tea Workshops Sept 2021

Hello everyone

We are excited to have Peter Tea here to conduct learning workshops on Sunday, September 5 and Monday September 6. Peter is not only an excellent designer and developer of trees, but also a gifted teacher. Sunday, September 5 will be an all-day session dedicated to junipers, featuring some very nice Kishu Shimpakus from Berea Bonsai. These trees are considered one of the best juniper species for bonsai and are not easy to source in Minnesota.

Monday the 6th will be an open, bring your own material, workshop. Peter will help you to begin the development of your tree, or to help elevate an existing design. Each day will begin with a classroom session, followed by hands-on practice. There are 5 working positions each day for those who want to work on trees and 6 observer positions for those who prefer to watch and learn. Classes will be held at the Washington Co Fairgrounds, from 10am to 6pm. The cost for the Kishu Shimpaku is $225.00.

As an observer, you will have the classroom session in the morning, then have the ability to walk around the room in the afternoon with the teacher and listen to conversations and discussions he will have with working members. If you are not sure you are ready to fully participate as a working attendee, the observer position offers an excellent opportunity for you to learn and gain information as the professional works one on one with each member on their tree. A fantastic value!

If you are bringing your own tree, please send a picture and a few details to

Sunday, September 5 – Tree Provided
Worker – $335 ($110.00 plus Kishu Shimpaku $225.00)
Observer – $60.00

Monday, September 6 – Bring your own tree
Worker – $110.00
Observer – $60.00

Please contact me if you have any specific questions.

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One day working Spot Cost: $110.00 plus cost of tree ($225.00)*
Observer Spot Cost: $60.00*
Pick your day (or days!):
Sunday, Sept 5
Monday, Sept 6
Time: 10am – 6pm
Trees: Shimpaku (Sunday only) Bring Your own tree (Monday)
Where: The Washington Co. Fairgrounds

Tools and supplies required (not provided): Pliers, wire cutter, concave cutter, shears, sharp knife, wound dressing, wire
Available to MBS members only. Please login prior to registration to confirm your information and membership is up to date.

About Peter Tea:

Peter started his bonsai journey at his home of San Jose, CA. He was employed full time as an auto mechanic before he began working with trees and soon found he had a passion for them. He learned all he could and eventually found himself working with “Bonsai Boon” Manakitivipart in the Bay area. He established a reputation for excellence and started teaching even before beginning his apprenticeship in Japan. While working at Bonsai Aichien, Peter not only worked on some of the best trees in the world and participated in all the major Japanese shows, he gained an experience that not all professionals were exposed to: he learned how to create trees from all stages of development. From young material to old precious trees that needed revitalization. This allows him to make decisions that will best give you long term results on your trees as well as immediate satisfaction. After completing his apprenticeship with Mr. Tanaka he returned home and began touring and teaching before establishing his own garden in Auburn, Ca, northeast of Sacramento about 4 years ago. He continues to develop his trees and his nursery.