Year: 2023

Automatic RO System for Optimal Bonsai Watering

Enrique Alvarez

[All actions taken based on the information provided here are at your own risk, and I am not liable for any damages or consequences that may occur. Please exercise caution and seek professional advice as needed]

As a dedicated bonsai enthusiast, ensuring the well-being of your bonsais is always your top priority, and water quality plays a crucial role in this endeavor. Unfortunately, in my specific location, the water quality leaves much to be desired, with TDS values reaching approximately 391 ppm and a high pH level of 9.14. The most concerning aspect is the elevated salt content, particularly sodium, which measures at 65 ppm. These factors have been impacting the health of my precious bonsai trees negatively.

Introduction to Bonsai Workshops

Great weekend at our September 2023 workshops! This workshop was held at Otten Bros. Nursery & Landscaping. Our beginner workshops are typically held in May, July and September. They do sell out fast so signup early! Workshops for the year are usually posted by the end of February. Comes with a one year membership….

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