First Vice President Position Needed


MBS needs a First Vice President organizing Programs for next year (2022).  This is the position that Carol Novak currently holds but has already filled for two years and will not be continuing on for 2022.  Covid has made 2020 and 2021 particularly challenging for our general meetings.

The job duties include:

A position on the board as the First Vice President acting as the stand in for the President when that person is not available for board meetings.

Coordinates the monthly general meeting program including:

  • Identifying a program topic
  • Coordinating personnel to present the topic (both MBS members and outside professionals)
  • Coordinating zoom presentations when that is the avenue for the program
  • Programs are generally 60 minutes in length and can include a combination of hands on demonstrations, visual presentations, discussion sessions, etc.
  • Ideally programs are a mix of both beginner, intermediate, and advanced sessions to appeal to members at different levels of bonsai knowledge.  
  • Virtual sessions are held via zoom and generally include a bonsai professional discussing a topic in which they have expertise, however, these can be member led programs also. The advantage of zoom is that members who are not able to attend because of travel distance are able to attend the virtual sessions.
  • Traditionally, MBS has not met in January.  General meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month other than January.  The July meeting is sometimes changed to a different date because of conflict with the 4th of July. 

A successful person in this role is:

  • Someone that can coordinate the work of others
  • Has program ideas
  • Able to attend the general meetings
  • Willing to learn how to control a zoom meeting
  • Identify potential professionals that we could engage for a fee to provide us with programs
  • Accepts input but does not allow criticism to derail his/her plans
  • Generally someone who has been with MBS for more than a couple of years and understands MBS organization in general terms

If one person wishes to act as the lead and assemble a committee to perform this work, it would be acceptable.

If you are interested or wish more information, please contact or  
Nicholas Ehlers
Celina Blandford