50th Minutes December 2019

50th kickoff Meting
Shoreview Public Library
Tuesday, December 10 – 7pm

In Attendance:

Lionel Flood, Tim Mathwig, Terry Ingle, Kirk Hedberg Michael Knoll, Ken Ellis, Sue and Dale Krueger, Bosco Seitzer, Tim Barton, Leia Thor, Celina Blandford, Jeff Smith, and Nellie Hoffmeister

Missing (from email list): Brian Evarts, LeAnne Juel, Dave Weiss and Jumi Kassim

Next Meeting: January 14 @ 7pm, Dave to propose a time


  • For club members, but also open to the public including exhibit and seminars.
  • When: In June, 2nd (Fathers Day), 3rd or 4th weekend. depends on venue availability narrowed down to June:18-20 or 25-27 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • Check into possibility for outdoor exhibit, security display needed
  • Exhibit not judgedMoveAuction into the same weekend?
  • Fly in a couple professionals and run 1 hour seminars Saturday all day and Sunday until noon. (we could run auction Sunday afternoon)
  • Workshops? No, but if we did tree would be provided. Themed like the JBP with Tyler Sherrod.
  • Have Professionals work on one tree all day as part of demonstration if they are not conducting seminar? Anyone can watch at anytime throughout the day and ask questions. NOT like a demo done in a couple hours
  • Collaborative displays from members. Professional grabs items and makes a display from items. Michael to submit proposal for this.
  • Food Trucks? Lunch only. Food will depend on venue selected
  • Cultural Entertainment?
  • Invite previous members that have moved away: Randy Clark and other members that have moved out of state. Jack Douthitt, Alan Fayme, Bob and Pam Hampel, Ann Erb…
  • Invite past professionals to attend as a guest (not expensed to MBS) ? Honor them at the banquet?
  • Involve local Chinese or Japanese Society?
  • Insurance: Doublec check with Dave Weiss – covered up to 1/2 million dollars, will need to know requirements of venue selected.
  • Include St. Cloud, Rochester, Duluth members? introduce 50th Section on Newsletter page. Historical teasers.
  • Offer trees for sale in vendor area, for beginners and open to the public
  • Crowd Source Event? Check into after final proposal has is made to board.
  • Kirk to find artwork from previous MBS t-shirts
  • Design new shirts, hats, etc for event. Members purchase before the event and pick-up at the event.
  • Have 50th anniversary pot made by Sara Raynor?
    Trees for exhibit (Terry and Tim volunteering for this)
  • Limit of trees? Yes
  • Quality of trees keep high – discussed how to arrange exhibit to show beginner’s and advanced trees. Juried?
  • Try and get one tree entry from each member
  • Charge entrance free to non-members/public. Dollar amount to be determined after venue has been selected.
    Possible Locations
  • Earl Brown Center, 694 and 100. Has outdoor area, convention rooms. Good parking, nice central location. https://www.earlebrown.com/
  • Check security options at any location being considered
  • Landscape Arboretum? Not best option, consideringNO, costs for entrance, hard to park, too far away and can’t have banquet there

COMMITTEES (research for next meeting)

Committee 1: VENUES
Lionel and Nellie
– Will report on costs, size, room sizes, catering, parking security for Earle Browne center

Committee 2: EXHIBIT
Tim Mathwig, Terry Ingle, Kirk Hedberg
– Will propose ideas for display, entry criteria

Committee 3: VENDORS
– Will propose possible vendors: Sara Raynor, Andy Smith, Sumo Bonsai, etc.,

Leia, Sue and Dale
– Will propose bonsai professionals
– ideas for demonstrations and seminars

Nellie and Lionel
– Ideas on location or close to venue.
– Catered? What food?
– Approximately 150 attendees (members only)

Terri, Bill, Dale and Sue

Celina and ask Bette Fenton
– Advertise in other magazines, Facebook, digital brochures, dedicated website page, star tribune) Add 50th column to existing 2021 brochure that gets printed. Make small post cards and leave around the city, garden centers?

Committee 8: HISTORY
Nellie and Ken
– Celina to bring stack of Newsletters for Nellie
– Dave Weiss to help with History video?

Jeff Smith
– Bill and John might be able to give advice from Mothers’ Day and State Fair (How many people are needed to watch trees)volunteers needed to watch trees, registration desk, general questions
Security, controlling access

Tim Barton and Leia
– Ideas for hospitality requirements
– Visitor travel, accommodations, refreshments, etc.,

Committee 10: DOCENT
-Tim and Leia


  • Website (Celina to setup)
  • Badges or wristbands for attendees
  • Goodie bags?
  • Registration desk needed?

Committee 12: MERCHANDISE
(Hats, Shirts and Socks)

  • Celina help for now