Miralax also for NEEM

The Mullet Wrapper by Terry Davis

Earlier I suggested Miralax as a good way to emulsify Tea Tree Oil, which may be a good all—purpose fungicide/bactericide. Well, Neem oil is also really hard to emulsify, so try that with it at 1tsp/gallon.  If needed, try two. I used a tbsp., and suspect that was overkill, but then Tea Oil is a little easier to emulsify than a hydrocarbon oil. Now Neem is not very much of a pesticide, but it has fungicidal activity, too.  (It has been recommended for pine tree needle blights). There is also an old USDA publication that claimed Neem was effective against borers inside the wood.  Now, next to nothing that you are allowed to use, (like Lindane) will do that.

But one thing Neem does well is to act as an antifeedant: it keeps bugs off, for quite a while.  A friend was having trouble with gall wasps on ficus, and this may be a solution.  It works because it smells like garlic-breath.  So those who recommend you spray it and wash it off: don’t. An don’t use it indoors if you want to stay married.