Indoor Greenhouse

by Scott Vanderlinde

As the number of tropical trees that I have has grown, I have run out of south facing window space in my house so I use this greenhouse for some of my tropical trees during the winter. It is approximately 4 feet wide by 5 feet long by 7 feet high. It is tall enough for me to walk inside.

This version of the greenhouse takes less than one-half hour to assemble or disassemble. Assembly can be accomplished by one person, but an extra hand makes it easier. Fluorescent lights are used for lighting and a small fan for circulation, both of which operate on timers. The greenhouse is located in a lower level room in my house that is a bit cool. The fluorescent lights are enough to nicely warm the inside of the greenhouse during the day. The enclosed space stays between 60 and 70 % relative humidity which can be regulated by zipping more or less of the door.