Thoughts From Your President – November 2015

By Jeff Lorch, President

A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED MAKE THE FALL AUCTION A HUGE SUCCESS!! Everyone rallied to make this one of the most successful auctions in MBS history. It looked pretty grim as there was a delay in opening up the hall. Given the late start and setup, we took about a 1/2 hour delay from the original live auction start time. By the afternoon, we achieved the goal of lots of willing sellers meeting willing buyers. Now comes the interesting part, everyone needs to work on their material to be able to display it next year.

The topic for the November meeting will be collecting. While the time for collecting is in 2015 is past, there is next spring. Prepping the materials for this activity can be done at your leisure. Thorough planning and materials will make the spring a success.

For the November meeting, please bring in trees with Fall color (and evergreens are welcome as well). This is their season to show off. If they have dropped their foliage, this becomes a chance to show off the winter silhouette.

We are full into to Autumn, the foliage is turning and like the temperatures are falling. The tropicals should be indoors. Especially the truly tender varieties which don’t like the 50’s or 40’s and definitely can’t take a frost. A lot of the interesting succulents can not tolerate a frost. Many a plant has been lost by leaving them on the deck one night too long.

Looking forward to next year, the Nominating Committee(headed by Ken Ellis) presenting a list of nominees for the officers and Board of Directors. At the November meeting nominations will be finalized. Voting on the officers and Board of Directors will be held at the December Meeting.

And looking even a little further forward, the Winter Banquet anticipates spring.

Enjoy the cooler days as the season marches on…