Thoughts From Your President – May 2015

By Jeff Lorch, President

Last month, I talked about participating on a small scale. This month it is more about participating on deeper scale. To make a club work, there need to be enthusiastic and thoughtful volunteers in a variety of activities. One should not be intimidated . There are lots of experienced folks around to provide support, knowledge and understanding.

At the end of the year, several key contributors will be needed to fill a couple of positions.

We will be looking for a Treasurer. This person will need to be diligent and fastidious in accounting and tech savy as well. We have payments for workshops and auctions to deposit. We also are paying room rentals, locker storage and various miscellaneous expenses. If you know a person like this, let us know.

We also will be looking for a State Fair Committee Chair. This person will be ensuring we continue to put on a quality show for perhaps the largest audience for a club show in the country. The Show Chair pays attention to all the minutia to make it happen. If you know a person like this, let us know.

Ideally we would like to would like to have a Mother’s Day Show chair as well Again, this is a smaller less intense show show but very highly attended. It is also a great training ground for the State Fair. We will also need someone with a pick up/van to bring some materials from the storage locker to the Show and return them to the locker.

This spring Owen Riech will be here. We will be holding several Masters workshops May 30 & 31. This is a great opportunity to expand your bonsai knowledge and understanding, meet other people in the club and have outside expertise work with you on the development of your tree. A couple of the workshops are plant included so a participant need not worry about bringing a “worthy tree”. Sign up via the website
or at the club meeting.

As a follow up to last week’s meeting, I am on the porch with a couple of trees today doing the wiring to get trees ready for the Mother’s Day Show. The wiring establishes the shape and a month will allow the foliage to bud. It is nice listening to the frogs singing again.