Thoughts From Your President – September 2015

By Jeff Lorch, President

The bounty of summer is all about us. Farmer’s Markets are brimming with vegetables and herbs to be savored.

State Fair is upon us. This is the time to get the last details together. The heavy lifting should be done. The plants have been selected, shaped and detail-wired. They also need to be thriving and free of pests/diseases. Look up the common name and botanical name of the plants you will be showing. It is also good to include the approximate age of the plant and how long it has been trained as a bonsai. Any display items need to be selected and prepped for the show. Pots need to be cleaned. Set up your display at home to select and determine placement of everything in your display. Dust/polish your stands and think to yourself, how are all of the components best packaged and transported to the fair? The goal is to have all of the components ready to be placed when you arrive at the fair at set up time.

Sandi, the MBS State Fair Show Chair, will be directing traffic. The set up needs to be completed to her satisfaction before trees/displays are brought into the display room. If you have not already volunteered in some part of the show, check in with Sandi. It takes a lot of folks doing a lot of different things to make this show a success.

After everything associated with putting the State Fair Show together, there are excellent activites. Peter Warren, the fall visiting bonsai professional, will be leading a series of workshops. It will be a chance to contemplate and then manipulate the next plant you will be developing for the State Fair. These are bring-your-own-material workshops. Being an observer is an excellent way to gain knowledge tips and ideas for your trees.

Peter Warren will also be presenting at the MBS General Membership meeting on Sept 8th. There are a couple of changes due to Labor Day being late this year. The meeting will be held at the Roseville Library Main Meeting Room and begin at 6:30 PM. It is located at 2180 Hamline Avenue N in Roseville.

Looking forward to next year, MBS will be looking for a new treasurer and new state fair chair. Folks with an interest in these positions should talk to Rich (Treasurer), Sandi (State Fair Chair) or anyone else on the board.

Enjoy that warm balmy weather and get ready for foods on a stick.