Book Review-Classical Bonsai Art #298

Classical Bonsai Art – A Half Century of Bonsai Study is the distillation of the fifty year passion of William N. Valavanis.

Book Review-Classical Bonsai Art #298

Some of the finest bonsai created in the United States can be appreciated in this book where the historical information, photographs and tips will help with your own bonsai training. This book is organized to first introduce classical bonsai art and styles and is followed by describing refinement techniques for deciduous, narrow leaf evergreen, flowering & fruiting as well as shohin bonsai.

Over 675 photographs clearly show the work of a bonsai artist who has dedicated his life to the expansion, promotion and refinement of bonsai. Specialized techniques are shown and explained for developing and improving your own bonsai. Growing tips for producing healthy bonsai are shared, based on a half century of experience and research.

– excerpt from inside cover

Author: William N. Valavanis

Published 2013 by International BONSAI, New York

Hardcover, 256 pages

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