Out on a Branch – August 2010

By Ken Ellis, President

We just finished our Annual MBS Tour and Picnic and there was so much to see and eat…what a great opportunity to visit six local bonsai member’s collections and gardens and then to gather in friendly social chatter. As one of the tour sites, I didn’t get to see the four others…so I hope several of you will write up your experiences to share with those of us unable to see all the sites. If you took pictures, please add these for visual excitement. When many of us gathered in mid afternoon to picnic we were treated to a great abundance of fine dining in a back yard atmosphere. I was especially drawn to a dessert bread/cake that seemed to be an orange chiffon cake with maybe green thyme added in… Oh I would like to get that recipe!

The rain and winds held off until we were just finishing up so I hope all of you made it home before the storms hit. My neighbor’s 100’ elm tree was bent over at about 45 degrees over my pergola as the wind blew but thankfully only small branches broke off. Eight bonsai were blown off my shelves but no major damage…how about you?

We have a web designer now working to get our new web site developed and set to accept newsletter articles. Great material is coming in and I fully expect all of you to make contributions…articles, pictures, and bonsai trips you are willing to share. I had good helpful information e-mailed to me by Pat Leners who said, “…just send the info to me and I’ll keep plugging away at it as long as it takes.” We currently are trying to have the new site set up by late August but good web designing takes time and we are trying to get it right. Thanks Pat for helping us make the transition.

Upcoming events seem to fill my summer. For me, the first was getting my bonsai and gardens groomed and ready to be viewed for the July 17th bonsai tour. This weekend it’s the Minnesota Water Garden Society’s Pond tour…we are not on the tour but are monitoring another site. Next week it’s the Koi Show at Bachman’s on July 30th -August 1st. July 30th I need to bag my entry koi in large plastic bags with added oxygen; put those in coolers, and get them over to Bachman’s for judging… MBS is once again going to have two of our members volunteering at our bonsai booth at the koi show. Below, Glenda volunteering her bonsai enthusiasm at an earlier Koi Show.

What’s on your list? New members should be attending Bonsai Basics (August 17th) to get help preparing bonsai trees for the State Fair Bonsai Show (September 3rd &4th). The rest of us need to be grooming bonsai for the State Fair Show; then, sign up at our August 3rd general meeting to bring one or more trees for display… they can be entered as novice, exhibit only, or judged… your choice. Please also volunteer to help set up, monitor, and to take down…it all has to be done by our members. By the way, don’t forget to walk the dog, feed the cat and to smile at your kids and neighbors. Let’s make each day a great day!