Small Akadama


– Available to MBS members only
– Pickup in Stillwater, MN
– 14L bag, 80 bags available

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Emergency shipment of akadama!

Our supplier just got her long delayed order of akadama and was selling out faster than she could imagine. She wanted to take care of us out here in the wilderness and saved her last pallet for us. (Her price will again be going up on her next shipment due this spring.) It has arrived and is ready for pick up in the Stillwater area. Akadama is the key component of soil mixture and is not readily available to us. If we have enough demand, we will order more this spring along with pumice and lava.

The price is $36.00 per 14lL bag. The soil size is classified as small.

Please come and pick it up at your earliest convenience. Contact information will be in email receipt after purchase.