Pumice 2020 Order


– Available to MBS members
– Pickup in Stillwater, MN in late fall
– 40# bag

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This year we are asking MBS members to consider ordering soil components for next years’ repotting needs. We have found that ordering in the spring is often too late for most people. Based on previous orders, we estimate the costs for each item will be as follows:
– akadama (14L bag) – $27.00
– pumice(40# bag) – $25.00
– lava(40# bag) – $15.00

The order will only be placed to fill pre-orders, so please plan ahead in case there an order is not placed next year. An email will be sent when orders are ready, which would be in the fall of 2019. If you use a 3-part soil mix, recommended by most bonsai professionals, you would need about 2-3 bags of akadama per 1 bag each of lava and pumice. The yield of this after sifting and sorting to size is roughly three 5 gallon pails. It will take a few weeks to get the orders filled and shipped once we have reached the necessary quantities.

Pumice is born in pyroclasic events, typically spewed as ash that falls and drifts into deposits or as part of a massive pyroclastic flow. Many factors affect the useful quality, color, and purity of a pumice deposit, but on a chemical analysis level, pumice is basically an aluminum silicate. With no crystalline structure, pumice is a naturally calcined amorphous glass made up of a maze of air-filled vesicles. It can absorb water and nutrients quite well. When used in a Bonsai soil mix, it helps to retain water and it aids the roots to ramify very well.


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