3. Peter Tea 2021 Workshop: Working Monday SOLD OUT


Bring your own tree (Limited to only 5 spots)
Classroom in the morning, afternoon working with Peter on the tree

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Working Spot Cost: $110.00* (Bring your own tree)
Monday, Sept 6
Where: The Washington Co. Fairgrounds
Tools and supplies required (not provided): Pliers, wire cutter, concave cutter, shears, sharp knife, wound dressing, wire

Monday the 6th will be an open, bring your own material, workshop. Peter will help you to begin the development of your tree, or to help elevate an existing design. Each day will begin with a classroom session, followed by hands-on practice. There are 5 working positions each day for those who want to work on trees and 6 observer positions for those who prefer to watch and learn. Classes will be held at the Washington Co Fairgrounds, from 10am to 6pm.

If you are bringing your own tree, please send a picture and a few details to dale.n.krueger@comcast.net.

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