Thoughts From Your President – June 2015

by Jeff Lorch, President

Spring comes to Minnesota with a vengeance. Everything wakes up at once and demands attention in the form of repotting, pruning, wiring… and then come the shows. MBS has had two shows in 2015 already, Mother’s Day Bonsai Show at the Como Zoo and Conservatory and Art in Bloom at the Minnesota Institute of Art. These are great events which let us show off our trees to the public. I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who helped in so many ways to make these wonderful events work. The pictures, soon be posted on the website, speak far better than I about the dedication and patience of our club members. My favorite moment was when the television station was interviewing one of the younger show spectators. I couldn’t hire a spokesman that good.

In addition, the April club general meeting was a very hands-on workshop. Participating club members went home with the next generation of trees to develop as windowsill shohin. I am looking forward to seeing these shohin in future shows. Likewise, a series of photos will show the progression of nursery stock to showable bonsai.

June will also be very exciting as Owen Reich will be the visiting 2015 spring master. He will be leading a series of workshops and presenting at the club meeting. The topic of his talk at the meeting will be Japanese gardens and landscaping. Take a walk through the Japanese gardens at the Como Conservatory or at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum before his presentation.

Owen will also be leading a series of workshops the last weekend in May. The workshops are a great way to gain perspective on tree development and horticulture experience that would be otherwise unavailable. Several levels of participation are available. Silent observers can watch, listen and collect information to take home. Participants can bring their own plant material or participate in a plant material included workshop. Registration is available through the website.

The spring auction on June 6th, is also fast approaching. All sorts of bonsai and related stuff will be sold there. Plant material from nursery stock to show quality trees will be available. Horticulture supplies include tools, pots, bonsai soil and wire. Show materials could include bonsai stands, suiseki, scrolls and more.

Bonsai is a learn-by-doing activity. It also helps to have encouraging voice and reservoir of information. Our club is currently looking for novice workshop assistants. If you are available and comfortable helping out novice workshop participants with the assistance of the workshop members, please contact the workshops chair at

Enjoy the flowers wherever they are!!