The President, in 1971 was Roy Lindstedt.  Kay Sutherland served as First Vice President, Bob Sutherland as Secretary and Vern Weeks as Treasurer.  The first organizational meeting was held on March 9, 1971 in the Minnetonka area.  There were twelve people in attendance.  The next meeting was held March 25th and Roy was elected as President, the group decided on the organizational name of Minneapolis Area Bonsai Club and that it would be affiliated with BCI.  Dues would be $10.00 per member and $15.00 per couple.   The April 8th meeting was moved to the Minneapolis YMCA, 1130 and there were twenty people in attendance.  Thirteen people joined the club and the Constitution was approved.  Meetings would now be held on the first Tuesday of the month except for January, July and August.  At the September 7th meeting Don Monson presented slides of Brooklyn Botanic Garden and D Hill Nursery in Dundee, Ill.  The November 2nd meeting was conducted by Bob Melstron on 'Indoor Bonsai'.  The last meeting of the founding year was presented by Milt Gebert on Bonsai containers with special emphasis on wooden containers.  They also conducted the first membership survey.

MBS Memories - Mother's Day 1978

By Cheryl Sykora

Edited by Mary Russell

This is an update of an article originally published in the MBS newsletter in 2004.

State Fair 2010 image by SMK

The Minnesota Bonsai Society first participated in the Minnesota State Fair in 1975. That year MBS and the Minnesota Horticultural Society shared the room and held a joint show. The club was only four years old, still small, and the members probably weren’t sure they would have enough trees to fill the room the first year. The show was held in the same room we use today. The white boxes and tiered tables were covered with burlap that first year. A member hand-lettered tree identification tags as the trees were brought in. The bleacher area, hidden now by our cloth backdrops, was used to partition the back of the room into a rest area for members. In the early days a small group of club members spent hours creating their own displays using handmade shoji screens and tokonomas, staffing the show, and promoting bonsai.

Our Days in the Sun

IBC ’87, July 1-4, 1987

by Bob Hampel

In the early ‘70s a few of the people who didn’t know that it was impossible to grow bonsai in Minnesota started to do so. The Minnesota Bonsai Society was born. By the early ‘80s about a hundred souls who couldn’t find another organization to join had joined ours. As with many organizations, about 25% showed up for meetings.