The President, in 1972 was Roy Lindstedt. Milton Gebert served as First Vice President, Bob Melstrom as Secretary and Vern Weeks continued as Treasurer. Del Schei served as Correspondence Secretary. In March Milt Gebert gave a presentation on woodworking.  Del Schei presented slides of two bonsai collections in Hawaii at the April meeting.  During the May meeting the members scouted around the YMCA's 17 acre grounds for small bonsai specimens.  In June, everyone brought their own supper and discussed the trees that were brought in.  Vern Weeks showed slides of the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens in September and in October there was an open discussion of progress and problems with bonsai.  The discussion continued at the November meeting and the year was concluded with the December meeting, using bonsai as Christmas Trees.

There was a 6 week beginner class offered in September at Bachman's by Bob Melstrom. In August there was a 3 day show at Dundee and 1/3 of the members showed trees.


Virginia Bradley collected tree 1972

May 07, 1972 Tree collected by Virginia Bradley at the YMCA