Cost: Free for Members!
Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
When: 7:00 PM on the third Thursday of each month
Where: St. Christopher's Church in RosevilleClick here for directions

The Bonsai Intermediate classes are a perfect way for members who have attended the Bonsai Basics classes and have mastered beginner’s level techniques to further develop their skills and progress to the next level as a bonsai artist. Even more experienced members will benefit from the ability to study a topic in-depth and have a chance to work on their trees in a group setting.

They are led by experienced club members and people who attend the class who have  volunteered to study a technique and then teach it to the group. Van Jensen will assist in preparing for the class and will be run the meetings. 

Where: Unless stated otherwise, all classes are held at St. Christopher's Church in RosevilleClick here for directions

Free for Members!

When: 7:00 PM on the third Thursday of each month


2017 Schedule

January - No Classes

February 16 - Thursday, 7:00 PM - Intermediate Class (Planning Agenda for upcoming year).

March 16 - Thursday, 7:00 PM – Repotting: Van and Kirt H. will teach different methods of repotting trees. Bring trees and soil for repotting your trees.

April 20 - Thursday, 7:00 PM -  We are going to learn about propagation, air layering, and thread grafting. Kirt H. will be teaching these areas. Also bring your trees to work on.

May 18 - Thursday, 7:00 PM - Slabs: Jeff Smith, Van and Jerry will be teaching slab construction. 

June 15 - Thursday, 7:00 PM - Rock planting: Van will be instructing people on how to make your own rock planting. Please have material (lace rock and trees) purchased prior to the class. Please contact Van Jensen for information on how to order material.

July 20 - Tuesday, 7:00 PM - American-style bonsai displays: Kirt Mona will be giving a class on accent plants and what type of plant goes with the different trees.

August 17 - Thursday, 7:00 PM - State Fair Preparation: Van and Jerry will be talking about pot and stand selection for showing trees. Remember to bring your trees and stands for showing at the fair.

September 21 - Thursday, 7:00 PM - LED lighting: Cheryl will be giving a class on LED lighting for tropical trees during the upcoming winter.

October 19 - Thursday, 7:00 PM - Preventative care: We will be teaching preventive care for putting your trees away for the winter.

November & December - There are no classes in November or December for Bonsai Intermediates