Category: Bonsai Tips and Techniques

Re-Potting Tips

by Dave DeGroot

The best suggestion I can make regarding repotting is to consult a local instructor or successful club member for advice, (more…)

Minnesota Wintering Tips and Tricks from MBS members

Let there be light! One word – give them lights. Don’t keep them in the dark. Keep azalea, boxwood, holly, and shimpaku junipers under lights. I think they do better with light as they are not kept cold enough to be completely dormant… I’d put all trees with foliage under lights if I could afford it. (more…)

Upon Us Comes the Wrath of Winter

While our Southern friends are still roaming around in their shorts and sandals we have to be concerned about which trees get stored where. I guess that’s the price we pay for not having fire ants, killer bees, or alligators. (more…)

Bending Thick Branches

By Chris Pogliano

Raffia and wire

This is a standard procedure found in just about every method of major bending of branches. Wrapping the raffia in one direction and the wire in the opposite direction creates a mesh-like pattern around the branch, preventing separation.